Identity Theft In The World Of Online Dating

Thousands of men and women meet online every day. Online dating sites are for genuine people looking for love.

But, there are a few rotten eggs that spoil it and attempt to scam innocent people. Catfishing – and phenomenon specifically in online dating – is where genuine users have their online identity stolen.

The Risks of Online Dating

The Catfish uses stolen information, which can include photographs, names, and addresses appropriated from social media accounts, to create fake profiles, renting services, getting a job and obtaining government documents (such as a driver’s license).

In some cases, dating fraudsters lure other users into online relationships, leading to several kinds of identity fraud by obtaining credit card, bank and finance information.

With catfishing become a mainstream phenomenon, the pressures and challenges that online dating business face to ensure the identity of users is all the more significant. Credas’ identity checking service verifies the person against a government-issued ID document, confirming the document is genuine.

Results are in real-time and data stored securely in the cloud, available to you when and where you need it.

Core features


  • Verify anytime, anywhere with the user-friendly Credas portal and mobile app
  • Up to 97.7% accuracy with our facial recognition software, and 100% NFC chip reading.
  • All data stored in the EU – Microsoft Azure Cloud – a globally recognised, secure and trusted platform
  • Simple, seamless integration with your existing CRM and onboarding processes
  • Save hundreds of weekly staff hours and their associated costs
Online dating service ID verification software

The popularity of online dating services is rising rapidly, with dating apps racking up billions of pounds in value. Unsurprisingly, along with the growth of the business model, online dating fraud is also gaining traction. Easy customer onboarding enables fraudsters to provide fake personal information and adopt false identities for malicious purposes.

In fact, according to Get Safe Online statistics, seven reports of dating fraud are submitted to UK Action Fraud daily. So how can online dating businesses prevent potential customers for falling victim to catfishing or from submitting false personal information themselves.

Using an ID verification software as part of the customer onboarding process is a solution some dating app providers are already turning to. Adding a verification service to the online dating experience is an excellent way to ensure your customers are confident in the people they meet.

Verifying your customers by asking them to upload personal information such as a photo of their passport or drivers licence is a great way to add another layer of identification and create more trust between users.  Being able to check the identity of a potential love interest is a big selling point for many customers, so offering an ID verification service where credentials can be confirmed through photo ID or even a selfie is a great way to grow your user base.

An added benefit of incorporating ID verification software into your online dating service offering is the correlation between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The safer users feel using your dating app, the more likely they are to invest in premium features – so, ultimately, a verification service can be a fantastic revenue driver for your online dating business.

Our user-friendly identity verification software offers online dating companies real-time results and guaranteed seamless integration with their existing customer onboarding process. With the Credas technology, you can easily verify your customers’ identity, prevent catfishing and encourage users to invest more in your service.


ID verification solutions for online dating

Incorporating identity verification solutions into your dating website or app is a sure-fire way to improve the user experience of your customers. An ID verification service helps take away the stress of having to avoid fraudsters, allowing your users to focus on getting to know the person they are talking to and feel safe when meeting them for the first time.

With the Credas app, you can increase trust on your dating website by only onboarding customers who pass your ID verification checks. Our ID verification software is incredibly easy to use. It speeds up the process of collecting personal information such as name, age, gender and photo ID and significantly reduces identity verification admin, which makes the whole dating website user experience much smoother.

In addition to building an online community safe from catfishing, you can also use our identity verification solutions set an age restriction for new users. What’s more, all the data we collect is stored securely on in the cloud, so you can guarantee to your users that their anonymity and privacy is safe in your hands.

Easy to integrate and efficient, Credas’ identity verification solution helps you put the user experience of your customers first by doing away with overly complicated authentications and offering a straightforward alternative.

Forget about the complex algorithms dating websites used in the past to identify fake profiles by identifying behaviour patterns. Our ID verification software offers a quicker way to confirm the legitimacy of an account through real-time cutting-edge facial recognition.

The number of dating websites and mobile apps using identity verification solutions to tackle catfishing is consistently rising, as more businesses realise how important trust is to building brand loyalty in the world of online dating.


Maintain your credibility and customer trust with Credas ID verification software.

Identity Verification Made Simple

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