Are you recruiting for new candidates to join your business? Are you a recruitment agency, managing staff and hundreds of Right to Work background checks each week?

Real-time Right to Work Background Checks.

Government legislation states that it’s your legal responsibility as an employer or agency, to ensure that all staff – whether permanent or temporary – have proof of Right to Work in the UK, regardless of their nationality.

If you employ or place an illegal worker, and subsequently cannot prove you carried out the correct Right to Work background check, you could face a civil penalty. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that the UK documents are genuine.

In an increasingly digital world, thousands of businesses are still using outdated paper-based processes to complete their Right to Work background checks.

Our ID and identity verification software has been developed using next-generation facial recognition technology, enabling you to perform ID checks in real-time and confirm that the ID matches the actual person.

Credas will give your business a clear an audit trail as well as assurance that your strictly confidential information is safe and secure.

Core features


  • Verify anytime, anywhere with the user-friendly Credas portal and mobile app
  • Up to 97.7% accuracy with our facial recognition software, and 100% NFC chip reading.
  • All data stored in the EU – Microsoft Azure Cloud – a globally recognised, secure and trusted platform
  • Simple, seamless integration with your existing CRM and onboarding processes
  • Save hundreds of weekly staff hours and their associated costs

How Can Credas Help You?

  • Credas helps clients perform AML in real-time using cutting-edge facial recognition – reducing the complex, time-consuming, resource intensive and often, expensive processes.
  • By working with a wide range of leading commercial data suppliers, Credas offers comprehensive checks on individuals, companies, and verify over 4,000 types of identity documents.
  • Credas enables firms to manage the complexity of onboarding and monitoring customers and employees while ensuring our clients meet the highest compliance obligations.
  • Multiple data sources mean we offer industry leading accuracy when it comes identity checks, more than any other solution available today.

Trusted Identity and Document Authentication

Right to Work FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions, answered.

What does right to work mean for employees?

‘Right to work’ stands for the legal requirement imposed by the government on all employers to ensure the people they hire have the right to work in the UK.

The British government website says that it’s the company’s responsibility to check that the documents presented by the job applicants are valid1. Right to work checks must be carried out on job applicants but in some circumstances right to work checks need to be carried out for existing employees.


What is a Right to Work check and how do they affect employers?

There are two ways to run right to work checks: manually, or with the help of identity verification software that will run the necessary checks for you.

If you are running a manual check, you need to go through the lengthy process of obtaining a physical copy of a document from List A or List B from the government issued list, ensure that the document appears genuine and belongs to the holder, and check photographs and dates of birth are consistent.

You will also need to make a copy of the right to work document, which you are required to keep safely and securely. The second option is to use identity verification software that will run the necessary checks for you.

Consider using an app or website to verify Right to Work remotely, without the need to chase documents and having to delay candidate offers. Credas uses state-of-the-art technology to perform right to work checks at a time and place convenient for both parties.

We’ll run the necessary checks to verify the legality of documents and establish whether the candidate is a real, present person.

The Credas Right to Work product also saves you time and money by storing all Right to Work data on our highly secure cloud, ensuring full compliance with GDPR.


Right to Work Law

According to the Immigration, Nationality and Asylum Act 20062, employers must carry out proper due-diligence to confirm any potential permanent, part-time, or temporary employee has the right to work in the UK before they can begin work.

Right to Work applies to any work experience or unpaid workers. All businesses are required by the Home Office to keep evidence of all the right to work checks they carry out, as well as checking the document provided is genuine and the applicant is its rightful holder.


Right to Work Documents?

The exact set of documents required for a right to work check will vary based on the particular job and the individual applicants, but would generally include:

  • Passport
  • Passport with valid Visa inside
  • National Identity Card
  • Full Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalisation
  • Biometric Residence Permit


Facts on Right to Work

Since implemented in 2014, the Right to Work legislation has increased the costs and time it takes to hire a new employee for many companies.

Physically checking that the photo ID matches the candidate can be particularly difficult and time consuming for businesses based abroad or in other parts of the UK.


What are the benefits of Credas right to work checking service?

Employers across all sectors reap the benefits of having a reliable identity verification software that can check their job applicants’ right to work. Our real-time facial recognition technology helps companies speed up and simplify the process of ID verification, employee and client onboarding.

The technology enables businesses to comply with Right to Work legislation easily and avoid liability for inadvertently employing an illegal worker, which comes with fines up to £20,000 as well as reputational damage.


How does Credas Right to Work benefit employees and employers?

First of its kind in the UK, the Credas app allows recruiters to verify essential ID documents and match the document photos with the actual person in real-time. Capable of verifying up to 4,000 types of ID, our technology can save companies as much as 180 staff-hours each month.

Any business will be able to verify staff quickly using our app, cutting down the time and expense wasted on waiting for documents to come through the post or locating a verification email. Recruiters can also integrate the technology with their in-house verification processes.

Our online verification process is an excellent choice if you want to make sure you are completing your right to work due-diligence quickly and cost-effectively. Start your free trial with Credas today.



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