Impress your customers with real-time ID verification.

Know Your Customer

Confirming the identity of your clients helps to protect your business from fraudulent activity and allows you to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. UK legislation dictates that businesses must identify high-risk clients and manage them appropriately.

At Credas, we understand all KYC checks need to be quick, easy and most importantly secure.

Our highly secure platform provides real-time verification using two-way user facial recognition technology, meaning that your clients can verify their ID and themselves at a time that suits them on their preferred device.

Through its market leading technology, deep domain expertise and complete service offering, Credas is revolutionising finance application processes, increasing conversion rates, saving time, money and reducing risk of losing clients.

By removing the labour-intensive task of manually checking various identity documents, your business can reduce the likelihood of human error as well as reducing the risk of fraud.

Credas is saving businesses hundreds of man-hours, ensuring accuracy across the board giving you the peace of mind that your client verification is being done swiftly, safely and efficiently.

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