We are an innovative business bringing a fresh approach to critically important aspects of your business.


Credas fully understands the common pain points experienced within your Know Your Customer (KYC), Right To Work (RTW) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes.

We have developed a suite of products that help businesses in all sectors onboard and/or verify their employees or clients quickly, accurately and securely.


Our core team’s extensive experience in product design, technology and the regulatory space has enabled us to develop a next generation identification capture and verification platform. Our products and services enable businesses to create and customise their own onboarding and verification process.

Each of our products have been designed with flexibility in mind because we understand that every business is unique. This allows you to have a product that works for you.

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Construction workers


The legal responsibility is on you as an employer to ensure that staff can legally work in the UK.

Use Credas technology to verify ID in real-time and confirm the ID matches the actual person.



Protect your business from fraud and comply with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks.

Our highly secure platform provides real-time verification using two-way user facial recognition technology.

Hotel Cleaner


It's common to undertake due diligence of suppliers to ensure they are complying with the Modern Slavery act 2015.

Integrating Credas technology within your extended supply-chain will provide you with confidence that the labour used has been verified.


Our businesses are about people, working with people, serving people, building for people, dealing with people. Make sure they’re the right people.



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